ERC Starting Grant for Prof. Dr. Matthias Braun

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We congratulate Prof. Dr. Matthias Braun for receiving the prestigious ERC Starting Grant!

With 1,5 Million Euros allocated to 5 research-years Prof. Dr. Braun and his team will research ethical questions in the realm of „digital twins“, which are simulations of certain body-functions or organs which were digitally built through the help of AI. Research in the normative, legal, political and bureaucratic parts of this work are very underdeveloped so far. Which is why he and his team are aiming to systematically bring a theoretical framework for these challenges.


His project, called SIMWTIN, aims to work on four major questions:

  1. How does our understanding of illness and health change when we are accompanied by a digital twin?
  2. Who should own the digital bodies and who should have what kind of control over them?
  3. How is one’s self-image affected when a person starts interacting with their digital body?
  4. Do different digital twins need different framework conditions and who has the right to access personalized predictions?


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