Supervision Agreement

A dedicated and appropriate supervision is an essential component of a successful doctoral program. Within the EmpkinS iRTG, each doctoral candidate has at least two supervisors that belong to the subprojects of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC). The supervision agreement ensures the transparency for both sides concerning the content and time of the tasks that are part of the doctoral time.

In the quarterly status update meetings, the doctoral candidates look at the current status of their research. These are semi-annually between the supervisors and the doctoral candidate, and comprise a debriefing as well.

The interdisciplinarity of the CRC is further demonstrated with the GAPs (joint cooperative work packages).  GAPs are work packages that consist of more than one subproject, that means that the doctoral candidates have at least two supervisors from different chairs or cooperating subprojects.

The template for the supervision agreement can be accessed in the internal area of the webpage where you can find further information.