As a long-term and structure-building measure, the EmpkinSLab will act as a central laboratory facility, which will further strengthen the development of the research focus of FAU and represent a unique center for the fine-grained recording of human poses, motion, and physiological and behavioral variables.

The EmpkinSLab brings together a wide variety of state-of-the-art measurement methods, which are either already available at the partner institutions or are acquired within the framework of the CRC, with the latest sensor and evaluation technologies researched and implemented within the CRC project areas. The laboratory will initially be primarily available to CRC researchers, but will gradually be expanded and consolidated with the university’s central laboratory and will serve as a contact point for all researchers who want to use the innovative EmpkinS technology.

The primary purpose of the joint laboratory is to obtain empatho-kinaesthetic measurement data and data from available reference measurement technology and to mutually compare or evaluate these. Only the joint combination of different technologies and diverse technical and usage competencies enables the interdisciplinary cooperation required in EmpkinS and ensures that all scientists have quick and easy access to all measurement technology, analytics, and IT infrastructure available in the network, as well as to the stored measurement data.

In addition to the cooperatively utilized EmpkinSLab, additional satellite laboratories will exist at the three participating clinics, as it will not always be possible or appropriate to carry out the examinations in the EmpkinSLab, especially when dealing with patients. In addition, there are laboratories and large-scale equipment at FAU that are location-based and are therefore connected to the EmpkinSLab as satellite laboratories.

Besides its actual purpose as a laboratory building, the EmpkinSLab can also be used for internal and public events of the CRC.