Prof. Dr. Peter Dabrock has earned the Medal of Merit from the FAU

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Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg FAU Awards 2023 24.10.2023Giulia Iannicelli

The Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU) is awarding the Merit Medal three times this year for exceptional services to the university. Our PI Peter Dabrock is one of the dignitaries.

Peter Dabrock has been a Professor of Systematic Theology at the Friedrich Alexander University for 13 years. He has made a name for himself as an ethicist with an excellent reputation throughout the country. Among other things, he was a member of the German Ethics Council from 2012 to 2020 and its chairman from 2016 to 2020. Peter Dabrock deals, for example, with ethics in healthcare, with questions of biomedicine and bioethics, i.e. ethics in medicine and the natural sciences. But he also devotes himself to ethical questions concerning the use of artificial intelligence, in which not least our Faculty of Technology is a leader. Peter Dabrock lives the interdisciplinarity of our university. He accompanies change and actively drives it forward. In 2017, he became the first theologian to become a full member of Acatech, the German Academy of Science and Engineering, and in 2022 Peter Dabrock was elected to its presidium. He is a second member in our Department of Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering (AIBE) and is involved as Principal Investigator (PI) in the Collaborative Research Center 1483 „EmpkinS“, which aims to introduce completely new „digital“, patient-centered diagnosis and therapy possibilities in medicine and psychology with non-contact radar-, radio- and camera-based sensor technologies and using innovative signal processing methods and artificial intelligence.

Peter Dabrock is also in demand beyond our university and reliably provides answers. He is an important contact for the media throughout the country. With his contributions, which are as well-founded as they are trenchant, he contributes significantly to the social discourse on ethical issues of our time and thereby also shapes the perception of our university and its members. Professor Dabrock has earned merit for the Friedrich-Alexander University.