EmpkinS and the SFB/TRR 196 MARIE proudly announce an exciting collaboration!

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From the 13th – 14th of May, 2024 people from EmpkinS and MARIE met in the Georg Lichtenberg Haus in Darmstadt. The first day was about short project presentations, getting to know each other in a creative speed dating session, and chatting over an extraordinary BBQ. On the second day, the doctoral students had the opportunity to discuss questions regarding finishing their doctoral thesis, preparations for the next funding period, and future goals.

The vision of MARIE  is to precisely and dynamically characterize and localize even moving materials in our daily surroundings. To achieve this vision, suitable devices, and overall systems are needed to carry out materials‘ localization, characterization, and visualization. The final goal is the achievement of a mobile MAteRIal TranscEiver that can either be interpreted as a novel compact sensory organ that extends the human senses or, on a more industrial level, as a device that systematically creates material maps for searching and classifying objects in arbitrary environments.


Thank you for these two inspiring days! We look forward to a productive collaboration!