In today’s EmpkinS Lecture Series, Prof. Dr. med. Ostgathe gave insights into the research and work of palliative care. His talk, titled "The last phase of life: an issue to be researched?", went into topics concerning the legal/ethical framework of palliative medicine and the patients’ consent to s...

On October 20th in our Lecture Series Dr. Anna-Maria Liphardt gave an insight into her reasearch about "Hand function in inflammatory arthritis".

Inflammatory rheumatic diseases affect physical function in general and very often hand function is impaired. Although hand function in r...

On October 18th, 2022, Pfauennest celebrated the grand opening of its new daycare facility “Pfauennest II”. The new facility is connected to the original through a multipurpose room, which can be used for sports activities and gatherings.

In addition to families and children visiting the event, t...

On September 27th, Björn Eskofier, Martin Vossiek, Anne Koelewijn and Daniel Krauss organised a workshop called „1st Intl. Symposium on Understanding Inner States of Humans using Measurements of ‚Invisibles‘ – ‚Empatho-Kineasthetic‘ Sensing“ at BHI (IEEE-EMBS International Conference on Biomedical a...



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