„The Most Cited“ scientists: Robert Schober (B02) + Georg Schett (D01)

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We are happy to announce that two of our EmpkinS-PIs, Prof. Dr. med. Georg Schett (B02) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schober (D01) were recognized as members of the „Highly Cited Researchers List“! This list contains 6,938 of the most influential scientists from around the globe. 396 scientists from Germany and 4 from FAU are part of this elite group of researchers!

The other two FAU-members are Prof. Dr. Christoph J. Brabec, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering (Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology) and Dr. Markus F. Neurath, Institute of Internal Medicine I, whom we also congratulate for this great success.

The listed scientists are the most quoted researchers of their area.

More information about the list can be read here: https://clarivate.com/blog/highly-cited-researchers-2022-using-deeper-qualitative-analysis-to-help-spot-research-misconduct/

If you want to see the list itself, please follow this link: https://clarivate.com/highly-cited-researchers/?campaignname=Highly_Cited_Researchers_SAR_Global_2022&campaignid=7014N000001uvdq&utm_campaign=Highly_Cited_Researchers_SAR_Global_2022&utm_source=blog&utm_medium=press

To learn about methodology of the list, click here: https://clarivate.com/highly-cited-researchers/methodology/?campaignname=Highly_Cited_Researchers_SAR_Global_2022&campaignid=7014N000001uvdq&utm_campaign=Highly_Cited_Researchers_SAR_Global_2022&utm_source=blog&utm_medium=press

We also recommend the press release (German): https://www.fau.de/2022/11/news/leute/unter-den-meistzitierten-ihres-faches/