Author: Alejandra Ramírez Rozo

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On the 20th of April 2023,  16 EmpkinS young researchers spent an afternoon on the "Via Ferrata Norissteig" fixed-rope route in Hirschbach. Led by the more experienced climbers, the young researchers helped each other to complete the adventurous team-building activity in small groups. Participants t...

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On the 19th and 26th of January 2023, the status update meeting took place in form of science slams. The doctoral candidates presented a series of short talks about their projects. Science slams are a form of science communication where scientists present their research in an entertaining and engagi...

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Congratulations, Markus Heyder, for this great success at the Machine Learning in Engineering Initiative Summer School During the first summer school of the Hamburg Initiative “Machine Learning in Engineering” our PhD student Markus Heyder was extremely successful in presenting his EmpkinS PhD topi...

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The second Satus Seminar took place on 21st of July, 2022. It consisted of poster presentations by every doctoral candidate. At the end they received feedback on their presentations and the "Best Poster Award" was awarded. This time Vanessa Wirth got the most votes and won the first place. The ru...

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In February, Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Kaup held the EmpkinS Lecture Series. His talk “Coding of Digital Video for Zoom, Netflix and Co” displayed and taught some of the basics of video coding to the young researchers and other interested listeners.

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On 3rd and 4th of February, 2022 the first iRTG two-day retreat took place With talks, the young researchers presented the current status of their doctoral project. Everyone received feedback from their fellows on their presentations. At the end of the retreat, the young researchers voted for the b...

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In January, the EmpkinS Lecture Series was held by the principal investigator of A05, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Schmauß. He talked about “Optical Sensing in EmpkinS”. With his talk the audience learned how light could be used as measurement tool.

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In December Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Kölpin, from the Hamburg University of Technology, talked about “Fundamentals of Touch-free Bio Marker Monitoring by Microwave Interferometry “ and showed its contributions to CRC EmpkinS.