Multiple success at the Student-Design-Competitions at the International Microwave Symposium

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A team of superlatives: EmpkinS PhD students once again competed against other groups from all over the world in several categories of the Student Design Competitions at the International Microwave Symposium in San Diego, USA, and won four times against very strong competition:– 1st place in Noncontact Vital Sign Sensing (Marvin Wenzel, Nils Albrecht, Dominik Langer and Bartosz Tegowski from IHF, TUHH) AND– 2nd place (Andre Scheder, Patrick Fenske, Konstantin Root and Johanna Bräunig from LHFT, FAU).– 1st place in 3D-Printed and Surface Mounted Bandpass Filter (Bartosz Tegowski, Dominik Langer, Anton Sieganschin and Marvin Wenzel from IHF, TUHH)– 2nd place in the field of Component-Less Bias Tee (Nils Albrecht, Dominik Langer, Marvin Wenzel and Bartosz Tegowski from IHF, TUHH)This multiple success has caused quite a stir! Congratulations, you did a great job!