Science Slam

The doctoral candidates presented a series of short talks about their projects. Science slams are a form of science communication where scientists present their research in an entertaining and engaging way to a non-expert audience. They aim to make science accessible and interesting to the general public. The idea was to challenge the doctoral candidates, as they are required to condense their complex and technical research into a short, engaging presentation that can be understood by a non-expert audience, challenging them to use creative and innovative ways to communicate scientific concepts effectively.

Tabea Ott and Markus Gambietz will present the Science Slam “Future Diagnoses” organized by EmpkinS on February 10, 2023, in E-Werk.



Slammer: Marius Schmidt, M.Sc (A05)

Slammer: Birte Coppers (D01)

Slammer: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Egger (D02)

Slammer: Eva Maria Hille (E)

Slammer: Max Tretter (E)

Slammer: Simon Heinrich (C04)

Slammer: Felicitas Hauck (D03)