Subproject D05

Empatho-Kinaesthetic Assessment and Pattern Recognition of Movement as Biomarkers for Health Status, Wellbeing, and Prognosis of Palliative Patients

Subproject D05 addresses certain Activities of Daily Living (ADL) that can be used as surrogate parameters for assessing patients‘ state of health (SoH), lifetime prognosis (LTP), and symptom burden (SB). In the study, an interferometry radar system (in close cooperation with subproject A04) was used to record movements related to SoH, LTP, and SB, and we found that changes in these movements can indicate life and death. Supervised machine learning was also used to analyze the raw data recorded by the radar and the changes in heart sounds during the dying phase. Changes in radar signals in the course of a decline in SoH were visible. We propose, that a radar-based sensor approach can provide valuable insights into the patient’s health status.

Additionally, our current research suggests that the A04 radar system can increase the robustness of macroscopic motion assessment by radar sensors provided by subproject A01.




Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Ostgathe

Principal Investigator

Doctoral Candidates

Julia Yip

Doctoral candidate

Natalie Öhl, M. A.

Associate Doctoral Candidate


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