Suproject A03

Subproject A03

Highly Integrated Localizable Wireless EMG Transponder

Sub-project A03 aims to provide information on a locatable small-size EMG sensor patch for extending classical gait analysis with unique information about the causality of gait alteration. The purpose of this technology is to support diagnosis and therapy for people with chronic diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system. During the project period, a prototype is built acting as a proof-of-concept at 24GHz (EmpkinS Beacon V2a) which is miniaturized afterward (EmpkinS Beacon V2b). This includes proper component selection for efficient placement and routing as well as for energy efficiency reasons. Due to the miniaturization a flexible substrate is chosen for Version V2b, so HF hardware design at 24GHz on that substrate is a challenging project task.

In the future, the project also mentions two additional planned versions of the sensor:

MultiEMG@commercial-61GHz and MultiEMG@MNT61GHz.

The project is being carried out by LTE and MNT in close cooperation with LHFT.



Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Amelie Hagelauer

Principal Investigator


Doctoral Candidates

Aditya Gupta, M.Sc

Doctoral Candidate

Dipl.-Ing. Jasmin Kolpak

Doctoral Candidate

Samira Balbach

Associate Doctoral Candidate (TUM)

Christian Dorn, M. Sc

Associate Doctoral Candidate




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