Subproject B02

Subproject B02

Protocols and Algorithms for Energy-Efficient Reference Signal and EMG Sensor Data Transmission Integrating Local Energy Harvesting

In Subproject B02, we develop mathematical models, algorithms, and protocols for transmitting data and reference signals between wireless EmpkinS EMG beacons and a base station with a central data processing unit. The EMG sensors considered in this subproject do not rely on built-in batteries, but harvest power, which is required for operating, from the received radio-frequency signals and ambient optical radiation (sunlight or indoor illumination) using electrical rectifying circuits and photovoltaic cells, respectively. First, we analyze the electrical characteristics of the designed EmpkinS sensors and develop analytical models to mathematically characterize their input-output behavior. Next, utilizing the developed models and considering the physical characteristics of wireless channels, we derive the optimal downlink transmit signal at the base station that maximizes the energy delivered to the remote EmpkinS beacons. Finally, we develop novel energy-efficient protocols and resource allocation schemes for the designed multi-user communication networks, where energy and recorded information are transferred in the downlink and uplink, respectively.




Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schober

Principal Investigator


Doctoral Candidates

Kenneth Mayer, M.Sc

Doctoral Candidate




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