Subproject A01

Subproject A01

Multimodal 3D Body Imaging Camera

The subproject A01 focuses on the innovation of a multimodal sensor concept for precise and contactless detection of the body surface and the velocity vectors of all points on this surface. In the first phase of the project, the focus is on the tracking of hand movements, which in the second step is to be transferred to whole-body applications. The primary research question deals with the integration of an RGB-D camera with an imaging radar, overcoming challenges such as spatial calibration, temporal synchronization, analysis of reflectance behavior based on sensor characteristics, and the development of a coherent strategy for data fusion of both sensors. On the radar front, the project includes the development of new signal shapes and signal processing algorithms. These innovations should facilitate fast data acquisition allowing for velocity measurements and simultaneous high-resolution radar imaging. On the other side, the reconstruction of hand shapes and the estimation of hand posture using RGB-D data are researched. In addition, it is researched how velocity information from the imaging radar can improve RGB-D-based hand tracking.





Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Stamminger

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Vossiek

Principal Investigator

Doctoral Candidates

Johanna Bräunig, M. Sc.

Doctoral Candidate

Vanessa Wirth, M. Sc.

Doctoral Candidate

Lukas Engel, M. Sc.

Associated Doctoral Candidate



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