Subproject B04

Subproject B04

Visualization of Motion Sequences Based on a Biomechanical Model

Subproject B04 is a significant component of EmpkinS research, with a primary focus on improving the visualization of recorded movement sequences obtained from empathokinesthetic sensors or biomechanical simulations. Its goal is to enhance medical interpretation and diagnosis by developing methods to make complex motion data more understandable and clinically valuable.

At its core, this subproject aims to create visualization techniques that improve the comprehensibility of movement sequences and help extract meaningful information for medical professionals. Utilizing various empathokinesthetic sensors and biomechanical simulations bridges the gap between raw data and clinical insights. The research in

B04 has the potential to enhance the medical community’s ability to interpret and diagnose conditions related to human motion, contributing to data-driven healthcare advancements.



Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Stamminger

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Winkler

Principal Investigator


Doctoral Candidates

Daniel Zieger, M. Sc.

Doctoral Canidate

Jann-Ole Henningson, M. Sc.

Associated Doctoral Candidate


Alexander German

Clinician Scientist

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Egger

Associated Member

PD Dr. Heiko Gaßner

Associated Member

Prof. Dr. Jochen Klucken

Associated Member


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