Subproject A04

Subproject A04

Microwave Interferometer for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Monitoring

The A04 project is committed to measuring vital signs using radar technology. This involves studying microscopic movements on the body’s surface with radar and extracting vital signs such as heart rate and breathing using specialized algorithms. In project A04, we are focused on developing the necessary sensors and conducting fundamental research on the interaction of waves with the human body’s surface.
The development of these radar systems encompasses numerous subfields, including electronics, frontend design, and antenna construction. We employ systems operating at 61 GHz or 122 GHz frequencies, enabling us to measure microscopic movements precisely. Utilizing our „Emrad“ system within the Empkins project framework, we are compiling an extensive database of radar data. This database is pivotal for testing further advancements in machine learning and deep learning approaches.
This innovative methodology will allow for non-invasive, accurate, and reliable measurement of vital signs. Advanced radar technology and artificial intelligence synergy open up new medical monitoring and diagnostic possibilities.




Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Alexander Kölpin

Principal Investigator

Doctoral Candidates

Nils Albrecht, M.Sc

Doctoral Candidate

Dominik Langer, M.Sc

Associated Doctoral Candidate

Hui Lu, M.Sc

Associated Doctoral Candidate

Marvin Wenzel, M.Sc

Associated Doctoral Candidate




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